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About Company :

Business Creative Designs is a software solutions company in India. With our marked beginnings 27+ years ago we have proven our capabilities in providing enterprise software development solutions to a large portfolio of customers across the globe within a variety of domains like Sales Force Automation, Sales & Distribution, FMCG, Healthcare, Education, Shipping and more. The second republic arrives in India. The mantra for the economic growth of one of the largest republics of the world with its new leash of life is thinking out of the box. Offloading work then, to this promising economy is a wise choice for enterprises with the need for software development outsourcing.
Our core expertise in multi platform solutions enables us to harness a variety of technologies like Microsoft and java for both web and desktop application development alike. On the other hand enterprise mobility solutions at Business Creative Designs converge into a trilogy for addressing and adapting to the changing needs of enterprise; Employees, Customers and Mobile devices. Our versatile apps explore the powers of iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Cross platform technologies to give a completely new perspective to your business.
We offer a perfect blend of technology solutions for across enterprise domains to empower the solutions with business intelligence (BI) applications and solutions with Pentaho and Microsoft BI suites. Our big data knowledge empowers you to structure, curate and analyze data judiciously. Contemporary techniques like augmented reality, location based services and internet of things enhance all our technology domains.
We ensure process driven approach in all our quality assurance practices and testing; keeping quality at the helm of every project. We act as your QA department, when managing your quality requirements as a third party; working closely with your it and business teams, to understand the goals and objectives of testing providing you with the right test plans and procedures.

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